Irinuel in Moldova

Irinuel rocking our OG Ghost T in Moldova. Thank You and… Welcome to The Icemen Horde! We Salute You!Irinuel_Pruzhinovna_Moldova  

“Smash the World” Tattoo

Tattoo of The Icemen’s “Smash the World” design - Thank You @reignmancometh! Welcome to The Icemen Horde, We Salute You! Work done by @robertryan323 of @electrictattoonj (@ instagram) Smash_The_World_Tattoo  

R.I.P. Phil Taylor

What a tremendous influence you were. Changed our musical paths forever. Rest In Peace Phil "Philthy Animal" Taylor. 12219400_1083417571690550_947451858587702633_n
"Lil' Philthy...he who once shouted 'stop wincing about' on an album...he who fueled many a young boy's punk/metal hairstyles...he who played the drums with fury and intent...he who liked to call people 'wazzocks' once in a while...friend, Roman, Derbyshireman...rest in peace...with much love..."

All Hallows’ Eve Anno 2015

“The boundaries which divide Life from Death are at best shadowy and vague. Who shall say where the one ends, and where the other begins?” Edgar Allan Poe — “The Premature Burial” 1844. DSC00637_BW

Custom Framed

Custom Framed: The Iceman 7” Reaper Records October 31, 2008 Rest In Peace Blackout! Records October 1, 1991 IMG_6117 IMG_6116 IMG_6114
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