L’amour 1990 Flyer

The Icemen at L’amour “Rock Capital of Brooklyn” 3.23.1990 with Replusion (Type O Negative pre-name).


Irinuel in Moldova

Irinuel rocking our OG Ghost T in Moldova.
Thank You and…
Welcome to The Icemen Horde! We Salute You!Irinuel_Pruzhinovna_Moldova


“Smash the World” Tattoo

Tattoo of The Icemen’s “Smash the World” design – Thank You @reignmancometh!
Welcome to The Icemen Horde, We Salute You!
Work done by @robertryan323 of @electrictattoonj
(@ instagram)



R.I.P. Phil Taylor

What a tremendous influence you were.
Changed our musical paths forever.
Rest In Peace Phil “Philthy Animal” Taylor.


“Lil’ Philthy…he who once shouted ‘stop wincing about’ on an album…he who fueled many a young boy’s punk/metal hairstyles…he who played the drums with fury and intent…he who liked to call people ‘wazzocks’ once in a while…friend, Roman, Derbyshireman…rest in peace…with much love…”


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