R.I.P. Phil Taylor

What a tremendous influence you were. Changed our musical paths forever. Rest In Peace Phil "Philthy Animal" Taylor. 12219400_1083417571690550_947451858587702633_n
"Lil' Philthy...he who once shouted 'stop wincing about' on an album...he who fueled many a young boy's punk/metal hairstyles...he who played the drums with fury and intent...he who liked to call people 'wazzocks' once in a while...friend, Roman, Derbyshireman...rest in peace...with much love..."

Custom Framed

Custom Framed: The Iceman 7” Reaper Records October 31, 2008 Rest In Peace Blackout! Records October 1, 1991 IMG_6117 IMG_6116 IMG_6114