Guitar Build Supply List

Here is a list of all the supplies used in the Guitar Build Project

First of all, let me say that is an outstanding resource, not only for their paints but the forum where experienced experts answered any questions that came up and saved my ass more than once.
Primer (1 can)
Olympic White (2 cans)
Clear Gloss (3 cans)

From EZScreenPrint:
EZScreenPrint Basic Starter Kit, HiDef (photosensitive stencil)
Versatex Fixer 2 oz.

Jacquard Screen Printing Ink - black (40312-2024)

Fun Dough (for filling screw & and pot holes- paint protection)

From Stewart McDonald:
Foam Polishing Pad - Large, 5-1/2" dia. (3414)
Micro-Mesh Soft Touch Finishing Pads (3711)

Also picked up from various sources:
Various grade sandpaper ranging from 320 - 2000
Naptha (Ronsonol lighter fluid)
3M Finesse It ll (39003)
3M Scratch Remover (39044)
Microfiber cloths

3M Low-Maintenance Half-Mask Organic Vapor, P95 Respirator Assembly, Medium (R6211)
Dewalt Safety Goggle (DPG82-11C)

Latex gloves
Drop cloth

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