FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS: Q: Where are The Icemen from? A: Downtown New York City. Q: Who created The Icemen? A: Marco Abularach founded The Icemen in November 1982 and was joined by Noah Evans on Bass and Mackie Jayson on Drums. Q: Who wrote The Icemen songs? A: Marco - all Music and Lyrics, and in addition creates all Artwork (posters, t-shirts, album cover). Q: Are The Icemen straightedge? A: Absolutely not. While we do not do "drugs", we do Love our Wine and Women. Q: We've heard of an unreleased past album, is this true? A: No. Although we have recorded most of our songs through the years. This included our first ever recordings in 1984 - "The Iceman" & "You Let It Go To Your Head" which we had hoped at the time to release as a 7". The only material we've ever released is the R.I.P. EP, CD, and 7" Single on Blackout! Records (BL11) 1991 and The Iceman 7" Reaper Records (RR21) 2008. Most of the other recordings are in various unfinished states, for example incomplete tracking/overdubs, no vocals, unmixed, etc. Q: Why don't you consider "Buried Alive" and "Fire and Ice" to be legitimate Icemen songs? A: These illegitimate releases were performed by impostors- former vocalist Carl Griffin fraudulently attempting to continue The Icemen on his own after being released from the band. It is him singing with out the original band members (Marco, Noah, Mackie). These two songs are rip-offs of original songs written before the band had ever met Carl. In both cases they are the same music but with altered lyrics not written by The Icemen. "Buried Alive" is “It’ll Be Your Grave” rip-off. "Fire and Ice" is “Rotting Corpse” rip-off. Material not written or performed by us cannot possibly be considered The Icemen. It is a cheap imitation and Icemen only in the sense that our name is used illegally to advertise and deceive. Q: Who was on vocals before Carl? A: Understand that The Icemen were playing shows years before ever meeting Carl. After he was released from the band he dedicated himself to the falsehood that he was "The Icemen" when in reality he was simply a "vocalist" that we chose to join us. He was in fact the 3rd in a line filling that position with The Icemen, albeit the one who is best known to all but the most old school. In the first two years of The Icemen we performed live with John Gamble on vocals. Vocals on all the early recordings were by Marco and many other tracks through the years include test "guide" vocal tracks by him as well. Q: Why did the band break up? A: The Icemen had reached a point of frustration with lack musical growth and our biggest hindrance was vocal limitations. It was clear that in order for us to improve we needed to make a change and move forward. In late 1992 Carl Griffin was dismissed from The Icemen. Q: What happened next? A: As we searched for a new vocalist we continued to write and record in our Downtown NYC Studio 50. We did have vocalist Gary Lee track on some of our songs during 1993/1994 but never performed live during that time. Unable to find what we sought we eventually decided to move forward with a new project- Shadow. In 2008 The Icemen returned. Having transferred all of our many original tape recordings from analog to digital, we released two formerly unreleased tracks. On Reaper Records colored vinyl 7" featuring "The Iceman" - the first ever recording by The Icemen (1984 @ Nola Studios New York) and "It'll Be Your Grave" - another of our earliest recordings, one of several sessions recorded at Nola Studios from 1984-1986. These first recordings feature Marco on vocals.

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